I would be delighted to give readings from my work and to speak at literary festivals and events. I am also available to lead workshops for emerging writers or to evaluate manuscripts.

To contact June please email: june(AT)junehutton(DOT COM)

Copies of Two-Gun & Sun are available for purchase at bookstores and online through Barnes and Noble, Chapters/Indigo or Amazon. As well, Two-Gun & Sun is available as an e-book from Kobo and Kindle. Also distributed by Publishers Group Canada. Please see Caitlin Press for further details.

Copies of Underground are also available for purchase through bookstores and online at Chapters/ or Underground is also available as an ebook from Kobo and Kindle. Please see Cormorant Books for further details.

Book clubs are welcome to check out the reader’s guide for Underground

For more about the SPiN writing group (Jen Sookfong Lee, Mary Novik and June Hutton), please visit our SPiN site, Jen’s site, or Mary’s site.


Photo by Arlen Redekop

Tony Wanless, June Hutton


Photos by Janet Baxter

Black & white high resolution portrait — June Hutton

Colour high resolution full-length — June Hutton

Photo by Pink Monkey Studios