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I don’t know if I ever got the chance to tell you how much I enjoyed Underground. Wonderful characters. They touched me in a deep-rooted place. I coudn’t put it down and then I was truly disappointed when it was finished. I hope to be reading you again soon. – Laurel Hislop, Vancouver

We loved it. We thought that it was a very sensitive account of what would be a very real issue for a soldier returning from war. — The Interpreters book club, Vancouver, BC

I”ve been meaning to write to you to tell you how thoroughly I enjoyed Underground. Al is still living for me. (Every time I went to Chinatown as a kid , I used to imagine mysterious goings on in the regions under those strange semi-translucent tiles — that episode resonated very powerfully.) Congratulations — it’s a tremendous achievement. — Paul Headrick, author, That Tune Clutches My Heart

Just a short note to say how much I enjoyed Underground. What a remarkable accomplishment. I know that the buzz around your novel will continue to grow, most deservedly, in the days and weeks to come. — David Chariandy, author, Soucouyant

I just read Underground. You should be very proud. It was emotional and heart-wrenchingly beautiful, with a lyricism that just carried me away, far beneath at times, to places I didn’t want to go. But I’m glad I went. – Anthony De Sa, author, Barnacle Love

Very impressive. All sorts of vivid, compelling scenes, and your man Al is wonderfully real — one of  those rare characters who will live on in my circle of fictional friends. — Heather Burt, author, Adam’s Peak.

I thoroughly enjoyed following Al through his journey and struggle to “be a man.” A truly unique read that I am looking forward to sharing with my husband, book club and friends.  Thanks, June!!! – Janet Zotzman, Vancouver BC

I finished reading Underground last night at 11:47 p.m. — I had difficulty putting it down! I was sorry to see it end! I had the same feeling when I have read some of James Mitchener’s historical novels! An excellent read indeed! . . . Your grandfather was my uncle, my dad’s brother . . . I have traced our Hutton family back to circa 1705 to Dysart, Scotland. — Norm Hutton, Powell River, BC

Underground does so well at creating a felt sense of other times, of individual people and families thrown about by huge political, economic and military events that are often far away and certainly far from any control. It’s very absorbing. Cynthia Flood, author, The English Stories and Making a Stone of the Heart

I have finished June’s book and found it an excellently told tale. The Spain setting was of particular interest since I had just finished a book on the Spanish civil war loaned to me by my son-in-law, Dan, whose father is from the Basque region. Her depth of research shows. Next in line to read Underground is Wendy, my wife. Then Dan gets his turn. – Tom Myles, currently of Ottawa, formerly chief engineer of the hydro dam project at Whitehorse and member of the Whitehorse Drama Club.

I enjoyed the way the story unfolded smoothly even though there were years between the chapters; eg. from his home to Vancouver, from the strike/hiding to the Yukon. I could see the areas described (especially the Yukon!); I could see that moose on the ice, I could see the shrapnel emerging from his skin. — Laurie Rear, Nanaimo BC, formerly of Whitehorse, Yukon

I just finished Underground. Congratulations. It was very well done and an excellent read. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I admire your research. My readings of war were as you described it. All in all a superb book. — Dr. Gerald Posen, Ottawa

I had a wonderful weekend . . . reading your book! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you. – Kathryn Ellis, Creative Arts Program Coordinator, Langara College Continuing Studies, Vancouver

I just wanted to say I spent a very pleasant weekend with your book. Well done! I found it moving, and many of the passages hit me in a quite visceral way. Katrina Archer, S/V Ganache, Vancouver harbour

I’m just calling to say I read your book and enjoyed it from beginning to end. I could glide right through it. My mum enjoyed it, too, and my 23-year-old son wants to read it, now. — Susan McConnell, Personal Shopper, The Bay downtown, Vancouver

I loved it. So very three day roadish. Equally as bleak as it is hopeful. I will definitely recommend this book. – Samantha Holmes, Bolen Books, Victoria, BC

It was great to imagine BC back 70 years. I don’t think I’ll look at Pender Street and English Bay the same way. – Cristal Niza, Vancouver

Breasts like winter potatoes! I love it! — Cathy Ross, West Vancouver

I’m 50 pages in and entranced. Trying to slow down and savour the prose, but I want to keep turning the pages. — Eric Brown, Vancouver

I just got a copy of June’s book and got sucked in after the first few pages . . . a real page-turner. — Jackie Pierce, Publisher, the Whitehorse Star, Whitehorse, Yukon

I liked the way you played around with Al’s name. It sort of tied in with the search for identity theme. Good ending, not too sentimental – tough enough to go with the rest of the book. — Diana Armstrong, Toronto

It was absolutely, absolutely wonderful. I found it hard to put down, but because it was such a beautiful story, I stopped myself from reading too much at one time, so would take it to bed at night and read a chapter at a time. I cried at the end by the way. I think it would make a fabulous movie, or mini series. — Judith Smith, Vancouver

Great interview [with Dave White of CBC’s Radio One, Whitehorse] . . . I’m so proud of you! I’m only in Chapter 3 and you know what? You do write like my favourite author and favourite book, “Shipping News”! — Jerrine Weigand, Steveston, Richmond BC, formerly of Whitehorse, Yukon

I read your book in a few sittings and thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved your scenes, the tension throughout, and how you skilfully dealt with the two wars Al was involved in. Was it hard for you to get into a man’s skin? — Laura Cardoso, Vancouver [Author answer: And how!]

I just finished Underground and it was fabulous. It’s so rich, I can now understand how it took so long. — Jacinta Eni, Vancouver

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